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About: General

Post by Thunder-Paws on July 25th 2018, 8:06 pm

Hello, and welcome you all to the Wolves of Prostasia. Now, you are probably thinking: "Wow, that is A LOT of topics in the About Sections. I am so confused and overwhelmed!" Haha. Fear not, children, as I am hear to ease some of your unrest.

First off― no, you are not expected to remember or withhold any of the information listed in these sections. The About Sections are merely extensions of the RP world we currently reside in. But if you are interested in the reasoning as to how or why or what certain things are, then you are welcome to consume all the information you desire. If you do not care about lore and all that 'technicality' stuff, that is fine too. One can roleplay just fine without them, as long as one does not contradict any of the verified canon. (Unless you read through everything and INTENTIONALLY go against it, then it will be exceedingly hard to do so regardless.)

So let's say you don't feel like reading all this stuff, but still want to know the basics. Read on below and you'll get the gist of things.

An Overview:
It was known as the First Aión. An age so long gone no one is quite sure of how things began. We were not gifted then. No, we did not have anything... Until they came. In giving us everything, we would (we must) give them undying fidelity.

The Second Aión was the longest and bloody. We were selfish and cruel. A War broke out. A War so great it shattered the land. The God's were angry then... The God's were angry then...   

The Third Aión gave rise to change. We would change. We have learned. Right?

It is the Fourth Aión. Things seem fine. The God's have left us but we are fine. So then why do I fell so uneasy? Why is everyone looking at that pair of wolves so deplorably? THE BLOOD THE BLOOD DO NOT MIX THE BLOOD

Topics related to Lore:
The Elements - There are ten elements. Sun, Moon, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Space, and Time.
The Kingdoms - There are ten kingdoms beyond are territory. They big and scary and fight a lot.
The Kýklos - There are ten Kýklos. Not around anymore. They shared their powers long ago and many revere them as Gods.

Topics Related to Our Pack:
The Ranks - Their job description's in the name.
The Herbs - Healers use herbs to heal. Plants are cool.

General Topics:
Wolf Body Language - This is how wolves communicate.
Wolf Development - This is how a wolf should look like at a certain age.

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