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General Rules & Guidelines

Post by Robin on October 19th 2016, 5:14 am


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This site is rated PG-13, and its content may be inappropriate for younger audiences. Such content may include strong language in and out of rp, as well as realistic portrayals of fights and injuries. Things such as wounds, sicknesses, and natural disasters, can and likely will occur in rp. We do not turn down applications to those under 13, but it is strongly recommended you get a parent's approval to participate beforehand. Regardless of age, we uphold that all members act responsibly. Just because we are PG-13 does not mean you should be swearing in every sentence and acting like an angsty teenager.

Any form of bullying will not be tolerated on this site, by anyone. Everyone is here to have fun doing something they enjoy. Please be courteous, polite, and considerate of those roleplaying on the site. Actions taken within rp should have no relation to how one may view someone as a person. If you believe that there is any form of harassment taking place, message an admin or moderator and we will handle the situation accordingly. Do NOT make the situation public.

Members are expected to be active in roleplay at least once every three days, preferably once a day. If for any reason you know you will be away, create a post in the EFA topic explaining how long you will be gone (if known.) You are not required to give the reason for your absence if you are uncomfortable doing so. After 7 days of absence without posting an EFA, or exceeding your EFA time, you will be considered MIA (missing in action) and given a strike. Once MIA, you will have 7 more days before your account is deactivated and your character is removed from roleplay.

As with most forums, double posting and spam is not allowed unless otherwise stated. Things get messy and it is a pain to clean up. In all topics (excluding Games), all posts must contain a minimum of three words. Anything less is considered spam and will result in a warning or removal of the post.

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