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|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief ||

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|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Empty || Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief ||

Post by Robin on June 29th 2018, 12:25 am

|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || 3897666

|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || 3897671

Name: Kimiko
Nicknames: Kimi, Ko, Mimi
Age: 1 year 6 months
Gender: Female
Rank: Healer
Element: Wind

|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || 3897673

Coat Length: Two centimeters
Pelt Colour: White
Eye Colour: one is electric purple, the other vibrant blue
Scars and Scratches: Nuuuuupe
Wolf Build: Lightweight

|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || 3897675

Personality: Kimiko is... OCD. Mostly the obsessive part. She carries the tails of some of those she has eliminated in a bag, and is constantly petting them. She is also delusional, talking to her severed tail collection as if they were alive. She is a naturally calm wolf, but will fly into fits of insanity when she is denied something she wants, or sees something that reminds her of her past. Sneaking is a specialty of hers due to her element, and she makes full use of it. Much of her personality is revealed in her insanity fits, but only parts of that personality at a time. She often laughs, although it sounds more like an cackle(Robin's Laugh YJ). She is devious, and isn't afraid to pull some strings to get what she wants.
Wolf Likes: Tails
Wolf Dislikes: Stupid wolves
Wolf Strengths: Poison, Acids, Potions, Stealth
Wolf Weaknesses: She is still a healer, and refuses to kill someone already injured. She also will never eliminate  brown wolf or a time wolf, as Eos was both.
Wolf Habits: Petting one of her own tails or a tail she has collected.
Wolf Talents: Taking tails off of wolves, Brewing potions, poisons, and acids. She can also cushion her footsteps when walking with her wind, so she is completely silent when moving.

|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || 3897678

Parents: Sinrid-Father   Reeva-Mother
Siblings: No
Pups: Not yet
Best Bud: Eos
Friends: No one
Enemies: Gonna be the Lycos
Crush: Gotta have a good tail
Mate: Not yet

|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || 3897681

Extra: She has three tails
Extra: The first wolf she eliminated for their tail was her own mother
Reference: Because If a wolf can have a fish tail...
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Kimiko10
This is Eos
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Eos_110
Reeva, her Mother (Deceased)
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Reeva_10
Sinrid, her Father
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Sinrid10
Seyaira(Sea-air-Ah), Eos's Mother
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Eos_sm10
Torr, Eos's Father
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Eos_sf10
Ian, Kimiko's Mentor
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Ian_110
Hakuri, Eos's Mentor
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Hakuri10
"The Alpha"
|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || Thealp10

|| Kimiko || Rival Healer || Wind || ♀ || The Tail Thief || 3897682


     Kimi was excited. It was her first day being allowed out of the den with her mother, and she couldn't wait to explore the world! What would it be like? Her mother told her stories of fish tha swim in rivers, birds who soar through the sky and deer that bound through the trees. Of evergreens as tall as fifteen wolves on top of each other, puddles that seemed to stretch on forever, a never ending sea of blue above their heads, a ball of fire dubbed the sun, and fluffy white clouds that drifted across the expanse of blue. It all sounded so wonderful! Lost in her daydreaming, Kimiko didn't realize her mother had gently picked her up and was carrying her towards the edge of the den.
      Suddenly assaulted with bright light, Ko snapped out of her daydreaming and blinked a few times. Realizing where she was, she yipped excitedly and swung around, trying to touch the ground. As soon as her four tiny paws hit the earth, she was running all around, exploring every nook and cranny of the area around her den. Sniffing through a small oddly smelling bush, she came face to face with another pup, brown with tan spots. Yelping in fright, both jumped out of the bush at the same time and ran away. Kimi ran to behind her mother's leg, and peeked out from behind it to stare at the bush. Hearing a strange rumbling noise from behind, she spun around and saw her father standing there, chest shaking and a smile on his face. Running over happily, she nuzzled his leg happily and pawed his leg, begging him to give her a ride on his back. He nudged her away though, and she sadly trotted back to her mother. Seeing movement by the bush again, she was instantly alerted, and bounded over. Looking around the bush this time, she saw a large black paw headed for her face. Fleeing back to behind her mother's purple paws once again, she saw a brown-ish she-wolf with black covers walk out from behind the bush, the other little pup in tow. Stalking forward cautiously, Kimi met the brown and beige pup halfway between the two older wolves. Deciding the wolf was a friend, she introduced herself, and learned the other wolf's name was Eos. Shouting for her to follow, Eos showed her some of the things he had found, such as a little shiny bug and a flappy thing that went from flower to flower. It was then and there Kimi knew the two of them were going to be best friends for life.


Kimi fidgeted nervously, anxious for the ceremony to start. To her left and right, various other pups her own age sat, all anxious for the ceremony to start as well. No one knew what was going to happen, and it scared her a little. Straining to look above the line to locate Eos, she almost fell over several times before she finally found him. All the way at the end of the line... Why was he so far away?! Thumping her tail on the ground three times quickly, then three times slowly, She saw as Eos's ears flicked up and located the source of the sound. It was a signal for the other they had made together in their secret hide out. Smiling at her, Eos gave her their version of a greeting, and silly face. He tilted his head sideways and let his tongue loll out of his mouth. One eye was pointed towards the sky, and the other to the ground. The corners of his mouth quirked up in a ridiculous grin, and he had one of his ears flop over half his face. Giggling, Kimi felt herself gain a boost of confidence, and straightened up to her full height of one foot at the shoulder. Soon after, a lone howl split the moonlit sky and an ominous breeze began to rustle the trees around them. Eyes started appearing in the depths of the forest, and a mysterious boom boom sound was heard at a steady pace. Boom boom. The breeze picked up. Leaves began being ripped off the trees and swirling around, slowly beginning to obscure her vision. Trembling a little, Kimi looked around at the reactions of he fellow pups. Boom boom. The eyes began moving closer and closer. Dark shapes slunk out of the shadows, and began circling the edges of the small tornado being caused by the wind. Growls and barks echoed through the trees, and there were more than a few whimpers of terror coming from the pups now. Boom boom. The wind had torn off so many leaves now that it was almost impossible to see beyond them. One by one, the figures outside the leaf wall started howling, until all that could be heard was the howls of them, the rattling of leafless trees, and the beating of Kimi's own heart. Too stricken by fear to make a sound, she trembled in place, pressing up against another pup for protection. Eventually this notion spread, and they all formed one big clump. CRASH! Suddenly, lightning struck the ground in front of them, shaking the earth they were stranding on and setting fire to a large pile of branches sitting there. Yelping in terror, Kimi frantically began clawing her way towards the center of the clump. Unknowingly to all the pups, the wind began to die down, the dark figures shook off the mud on their fur, and the booming had stopped. By the time Kimi noticed, most everyone else had already began reforming into a line. Hurrying over to her spot between two black and blue pups with  red stripes all over them, she promptly sat down. Still shaken, it took her a moment or two to regain her composure(and the nerve) enough to look around. Sitting in front of the fire was a wolf she had never seen before, with a bone for a tail and a wild mane. In a semi-circle on the other side of the fire, all the other wolves in the pack sat, practically glowing with pride.

Suddenly, the strange new wolf stood up and cried out "Welcome young ones! You can address me as Alpha Caori, but Alpha will do too. Today, you will become active members of your pack as you take your first step into adulthood; Apprenticeship! One by one I will call you forward and assign you your future job and who is to be your mentor. You will go stand by them, and will be spending all your time with them for the next six months of your life. Upon reaching the age of one year old, you will be initiated into the pack. Are you ready? Let's go!

By the time Kimi's name had been rolled around to be called, she was a nervous wreck. Padding forward on unsteady paws, she seriously thought that she may faint. The white and red wolf noticed this, and gave her a small smile. "Don't worry little one, I don't bite." Feeling a bit better after that, she straightened up her body and looked up at the strange wolf with confidence in her eyes. The sudden change caused the older male to chuckle, and ruffle her hair. As he spoke, Kimiko worked at straightening the now messed up fur. Kimiko, daughter of Reeva and Sinrid, your chosen path is to be a healer. Your mentor is to be Ian, the orange and cream one over there with the goofy grin on his face. Trotting over happily to her new mentor, she had a broad grin on her face. A healer! How had they known what she had wanted to be?  

It was a long wait until Eos's name was finally called, and many of the other newly made apprentices, mentors, and family members had already gone off to celebrate. She had convinced Ian to let her stay until Eos had gone, but then they would go. Her mother had gotten an apprentice of her own, a small light gray pup with brilliant green eyes and random tufts of white all over her fur. Personally, Kimiko thought she would do to eat a couple more pounds of elk and get some meat on that skinny frame she called a body. But if she was to be a hunter, being skinny would help some...

Eos, son of Seyaira and Torr, your chosen path is that of a sentinel. Your mentor is to be Hakuri.

Cheering silently for her friend, Kimiko felt a small nudge on her shoulder. "Can we go now Kimiko? All the squirrel is going to be gone by the time we get there!" Laughing a little, Kimiko stood up and started bounding off in the direction of a cacophony of sound and delicious smells. "Come on Ian, let's go get some food before Eos eats it all!" Behind her, she heard a laugh and a shout of indignation. Soon after, the sound of pawsteps thundering after her followed. Laughing, she began to run even faster. She wouldn't be beat by the likes of them! Nobody could beat her to the dinner table when it was time to eat!

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