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|| Thunder Paws || 3y || Warrior || Lightning || ♂ || The Spark of Life ||

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|| Thunder Paws || 3y || Warrior || Lightning || ♂ || The Spark of Life ||

Post by Thunder-Paws on June 29th 2018, 1:13 am

«《 Basics 》»

Name﹞ Thunder-Paws
Nickname﹞ Thunder, Thundo candle

Gender﹞ Male ♂
Age﹞ 3 years

Element﹞ Lightning
Rank﹞ Pup>Apprentice>Warrior

Birthdate﹞ Mid-Summer
Species﹞ Mixed Elemental Wolf


«《 Appearance 》»

Fur Color﹞ Black

Eye Color﹞ An "electric" yellow. Thunder's eyes are described as bright, full of life, and energizing.

Markings﹞ Yellow Lightning spirals up his fore and hind legs. The front designs carry slightly higher than the back.

Pelt﹞ Thunder has a thick, soft pelt that makes him appear larger than he really is. He prefers to have his fur form into a more 'spiky' and untamed appearance, but when trying to romance he will straighten his hair out in order to look more favorable. Thunder's pelt is surprisingly manageable when the situation calls for it. It is sleek and shines in the light.

Scars﹞ Thunder has multiple scorch marks laid upon his body. Most are too small to be seen, though there is a exceedingly large scar along his abdomen where fur has not grown back.


«《 Mentality 》»

Personality﹞ Thunder is an independent wolf with seemingly unlimited energy to spend. Optimistic and mischievous, there is very little that manages to get Thunder down, and nothing he will let get in his way.

Thunder is an extroverted wolf. He loves to socialize! But while Thunder finds it easy to get along with others, he is not a sentimental wolf. Thunder is aloof when it comes to relating to other's emotions. He is usually aware if someone is upset, and the lightning wolf will try very hard to help someone-- but he just can not understand why someone feels the way they do. Thunder does not do sad, and he can grow frustrated when someone is being particularly pessimistic.

Thunder was once known for having a short temper, but over the years Thunder has mellowed out to become more friendly and laid back. He no longer takes things as seriously anymore and thus it is much harder to make him upset. If anything, he takes most jabs directed towards him as jokes (not all). Thunder basks in all forms of attention.  

While lacking a short fuse, he is still a confrontational wolf and has a dominating presence. Thunder has little regard for personal space or manners and he does not like being ignored.  

Another notable trait of Thunder is his narcissism, although he is in no way selfish or putting himself above others. Even so, very rarely does Thunder admit to being wrong, or heed the advice of others. He has a stubborn streak and a strong ideology. Put together it does not go well for others trying to get through to him.

Very rarely does Thunder grow depressed or angry, but it can happen. Getting the lightning wolf mad is something I would NOT recommend doing, such as patronizing his skill as a warrior or hurting his pack mates. He can grow particularly vicious and unintentionally get others caught up in it. He already lacks respect for authority and for him to get into trouble in this state would not end well.

MBTI﹞ ESTP “The Entrepreneur”


Battling﹚ Thunder is a combatant at heart. He will fight just about anything that looks at him straight. Being a rather scrawny pup and apprentice, and constantly berated for having a foolhardy nature― Thunder is privately self-critical about his capabilities as a fighter. Fortunately, he is also incredibly headstrong, and will do anything to prove others wrong. Solution? Kick their asses. Thunder will also pick fights out of camaraderie, so it can be hard for others to pinpoint the exact reasoning behind his aggression. Thunder does not take other wolves seriously until they have fought him.

Honor﹚ Honor is a strange word to pair up with a wolf of Thunder's... character, but surprisingly enough he does follow a code. Granted this code only applies when fighting (go figure). Thunder desires to face others on equal footing, and does not like facing up against wolves weaker than himself. If a wolf is fighting with all they have, Thunder shall do the same. In a situation where an opponent is disadvantaged (in such a way Thunder deems unfair), he will either stop fighting them, or make it so the playing field is even between them. Thunder is not opposed to dirty tactics, however, and while he is not the biggest fan of them, will turn to them if that is the way his opponent plays.

Flirting﹚ Nothing can stop Thunder from making nice with the ladies. Young, attractive ladies to be exact. Despite having a mate and the risk of getting his tail cauterized, he still pursues that sweet, sweet booty. Not that Thunder does not loves his mate dearly... "I'm doing what I was born to do," he would say. "It is only natural!" After Thunder lost his memory he was found by two male dispersal wolves looking for mates. They might have rubbed off on him...

Independence﹚ Thunder is an independent wolf that makes his own decisions. He does not take kindly to being forced to abide by certain rules and will purposely go against said rules when told not to. Similarly he chooses his own way of speech and does not have much in the way of a filter, which can lead others into thinking of Thunder as rude. Thunder does not purposely try to offend others (you'll know when he does), he simply values his thoughts as his own and does not hide his intentions.

Foolery﹚Whenever he's not picking a fight, Thunder will most likely be spending his time in some ridiculously unproductive way (it's not unproductive to him). Ranging from harmless games to driving his pack up a wall, you'll be surprised with how creative he can be when it comes to wasting time.


Negativism﹚Thoughts of hopelessness, despair, and sadness are things Thunder has trouble tolerating. He is a wolf who sees the bright side of things, so it is hard for him to understand wolves of a pessimistic nature. He can not imagine why any wolf would choose to be sad! His fast-paced lifestyle does not allow him to remain upset at one thing for long. When Thunder sees others act in negative ways, he is the one who tries to bring them back. He is also the one who remains hopeful in times of despair.

Lightning Wolves﹚ Thunder is intolerant of new lightning wolves. If he was confrontational before, you've seen nothing until he comes across another user of his element. He gets the urge to show them up, showing his superiority in any way he can. Thunder is proud and protective of his power, and does not wish to share the same abilities with another wolf. Especially, if said wolf is male. For Thunder, it is a matter of identity and it feels like part of his independence is being stolen.   

Authority﹚Due to his lack of a verbal filter, Thunder does not function well in hierarchies, where respect is granted to certain individuals. He chooses to judge wolves by their character, not their age or rank. Authority also leads to rules and regulation, which are more dislikes typical to many lightning elemental wolves.    

Repetition﹚Despite what he may show otherwise, Thunder has a very active mind and requires mental or physical stimulation to stay content. He gets bored with everyday schedules and mundane tasks, and will search for whatever entertainment is around. Thunder loves discovering new things, and will frequently create his own "misadventures" if no one keeps him busy.

Strengths﹞ Fast ϟ Agile ϟ Unpredictable ϟ Elemental Strength ϟ Luck ϟ Undaunted ϟ Daring

Weaknesses﹞ Immaturity ϟ Control ϟ Hyperactivity ϟ Gullible ϟ Impatient ϟ No Book Smarts ϟ Risky

Something Interesting﹞

Thunder has an external core which makes up the bottom half of his legs. He is not very good at containing his elemental power, and it is frequently seen leaking out in the form of sparks. Thunder refuses to move into bodies of water if life is contained within them, as he may unintentionally shock it.

Thunder has Night Terrors, so he only manages to sleep for short amounts of time before waking up, shrieking. He also kicks and flails, mumbling incoherent phrases time to time.

Thunder tends to bump into and trip over things... a lot. He is by no means graceful, and his focus is diverted anywhere but directly in front of him. This does come with its perks. As such, his head is virtually indestructible.

Thunder has a particular view on female wolves, placing himself higher than them in terms of physical strength (when his history with them suggests the opposite). He can be labeled as a sexist, though he is much more respectable nowadays.

Thunder, as a character, has been around long before this roleplay began. He was originally a minor character of a story in my head that I grew fond of. I didn't realize how much I would see him evolve and become something new and better. In a way, he very much represents the persona I wish I had. He is always pushing forward, staying positive, thinking for himself, fighting for what he believes, and does not let other's opinions define him. He is charming, funny, and inspiring. He is the polar opposite of my own persona, which is why I am drawn to it so much.


«《 History 》»



Parents﹞ Unknown
Adoptive Parents﹞ Cyrax and Seeker

Biological Blood Siblings﹞ Unknown
Non-Blood Siblings﹞ Flare, Aiden, Icewing

Mate﹞ Flare
Offspring﹞ Ashen and Raya

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