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|| Ashen || 1y || Delta || Fire || ♂ ||

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|| Ashen || 1y || Delta || Fire || ♂ ||

Post by Thunder-Paws on June 29th 2018, 1:14 am

The Basics:

Name Ashen

Nicknames Ash, Fire candle (Sirena)

Age ~ 1 Year

Gender Male

Rank Pup>Apprentice>Delta

Element Fire

Species Mixed Elemental Wolf


Pelt Colour Dark Grey

Eye Colour Deep red with flecks of orange in the center

Markings and Designs Fire tipped ears and tail, along with three, vertical crimson stripes going down his sides. The bottom of his paws are red and orange, which often make scorched prints in the soil. Ashen has red tipped bangs that spike upwards on his head.

Scars and Scratches Numerous small, hidden scars; one scar across his nose.

Wolf Build Ashen is a tall, averagely built wolf. His muscles are lean and strong.


Personality Ashen is a passionate young fire wolf with great work ethic and ambition. He can come across as having a stick up his candle, but he does not purposely intend to make others think him as prickly or standoffish. Ashen is merely direct about his thoughts in others and situations. He cares very deeply for his family and home, and will do anything to protect it.   

He is an ambitious wolf. Ashen sets high hopes to become Beta, and eventually even Alpha. This great ambition is both his greatest asset and weakness. He is a virtuous wolf when he's in a healthy mindset, but when it comes to gaining control or influence there is very little he would not resort too. Ashen has a mindset of: "The end justifies the means." He is also a prideful wolf, and any of his more "questionable" actions may be due to him protecting his fragile sense of self-worth.

Because believe it or not, Ashen is a sensitive guy!

As he tends to overthink, one of the topics Ashen broods on is the safety of his pack, with so many stronger powers surrounding them (the main reason for his desire to become a leader.) His aspiration is to build a strong reputation among foreign territories, and gets frustrated at his pack mates lack of concern in the matter along with his own inability to do anything about it. 

Ashen tends to take most everything seriously. This has lead to him never being very popular or well-liked. He was (is) very competitive and doesn't like losing or taking criticism. Ashen takes great care in appearing composed but it does not take a lot for him to snap and take his frustration out on others. Art and History are two interests that manage to pacify his emotions.

While he secretly loves playing games or exploring new areas of the forest, he hides his true nature in fear of being looked down on or treated as a pup. Being patronized is perhaps the one thing he hates more than anything.

Wolf Likes Competition, Training, Adventuring, Being in charge, Art.

Wolf Dislikes Losing, Not getting what he wants, Others looking down on him, Not being Trusted.

Wolf Strengths Stamina, Devotion, Combat, Work Ethic, Resilient, Bold

Wolf Weaknesses Pride, Temper, Ambition, Competitive, Ego, Close-Minded

Wolf Habits He can't help but look like he's plotting a murder.

Wolf Talents He is a good artist, and prefers using his tail. Another skill of his includes his uncanny use of a poker face. Try and make him laugh from a joke. Go ahead. I dare you.


ParentsThunder-Paws and Flare

Siblings Raya

Grandparents Cyrax  (Deceased) and Seeker (Deceased)

Best Bud Raya

Aunts and Uncles Aiden and Icewing

Friends Raya

Enemies -

Crush -

Mate -

Thunder-Paws Ashen has a neutral relationship with his father. He can find him too overbearing and immature, but at the same time Ashen trusts his father to always support him. Thunder frequently helps Ashen in developing his fighting skills, and Ashen knows his father won't hold back.

FlareLike his father, Ashen has a trusting relationship with Flare. They have their moments of bickering, as Flare is more strict, but Ashen respects his mother very deeply, and goes to her when he is feeling lost.

Raya The most important wolf in the world to him is his big sister, Raya. Despite their polarizing personalities, and Ashen's constant remarks about how dumb his sister is (he is only trying to protect her from making mistakes), he considers her his closest and only friend. There is no one else who knows Ashen better than her.

JayFeather Ashen gets increasingly bothered by his leader's actions. As his attendant of sorts, a role Ashen chose to accept (and push) so that he may gain his favor and maybe climb the ladder... Ashen attempts to stir JayFeather into being a more assertive Alpha, with little success. Ashen see's weakness in JayFeather's blind compassion (heh), and he knows it is only a matter of time it is used against them.

Rain Neutral, respects.

Forest Neutral, but inwardly dislikes.

March Constantly frustrated and frazzled.

Jay's Wing Looks down on.


Extra Ashen was born with an external core (on his tail) on top of a larger, internal core. Ashen's internal core is twice the size of a normal fire wolf, thus he is able to store an immense amount of fire. This comes at the price of him being constantly irritable and tense. His natural body temperature is also much higher than normal.  

Extra Ashen is not very good at showing affection; his way of showing someone he cares for them is usually through teasing and mocking. Only those who know him well enough can tell the difference between his joking teases and actual insults.

Extra Ashen is about as dense as a tree stump when it comes to humor and flirting. For whatever wolf that falls for him; I am so sorry and I wish you luck.

Extra Ashen is a bit of a prodigy. He is very intelligent and naturally skilled for his age.




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