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|| Rain || Elder || Time || ♂ ||

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|| Rain || Elder || Time || ♂ ||

Post by Rain on July 11th 2018, 4:39 pm

Hello Guest. Enjoy learning more about the wolf of Time, Rain!


He hasn't got any

He's an old goof. He has forgotten how old he is.




Time wolf

Coat Length:
Between 3 and 4 inches

Pelt Colour:
It is white as snow, but with a slight vanilla, or cream colour to it

Eye Colour:
They are dark blue.

Markings and Designs:
Rain has a number of random black stripes going through his fur. The most special one, is the one over his left eye.
One can sometimes see when he uses his element, by the faint, golden colour spreading in these stripes. His tail has a twirl of black on the end.
But he mostly looks like a canine Zebra


Scars and Scratches:
He has gotten a few from a few episodes in this pack on his paw-pads, legs and back. But most of them are covered by his thick fur.

Wolf Build:
Rain is quite large, and some wolves might see him as intimidating because he rarely wears a gentle face around strangers. He looks more muscular than he actually is, so some may overestimate him. Rain has always been a great hunter, and used to be the lead hunter before he became a Delta. But still, he is quite strong, and is not an easy opponent to take on.

Rain is the silent type. For a Delta he might be a bit too silent. He won't always hesitate to say his opinion on things, but he hates arguments, and wants to stay as far away from them as possible. This is because of his history.
Rain used to be a dark figure. A silhouette in society that hated company, and more than anything he liked to be alone. When he joined, however how much he hated it, he knew this would probably have to change about him. Rain used to sleep in a tree, while everyone else slept in their dens because of this. He kind of wanted to be an outcast. He didn't want to be around the others much at all. He was still a kind soul. If others respected him, and was kind to him, he would return that favor at any time.
The brute heard voices, screams, and yelps of despair. It made him very uneasy in many situations, even now he fears them, even if they are less frequent. They rarely happen at all in the present. But in the past, they would accompany him when he was alone, thinking about things. When he was out walking. When something was happening that would make Rain feel negative thoughts, these voices filled his head, and made him curl up, and even beg to the Kyklòs for mercy. Rain was never easy-going. And if something annoyed him, he would try his best to fix it until he could approve of it himself. To others he was careful. Very careful. He hated it when others found reasons to not like another wolf from something they had said, or done. So Rain didn't do much for anyone. He didn't say much to anyone. He was antisocial in many ways.

All this changed when he met one wolf.


When he met the wolf who was to become the love of his life. His mate. And the mother of his pups, his personality changed a lot. He became more warm to be around. Rain now had the kind of personality that one would call happy. He spreads a brighter aura than he did before, and he likes being around others. Rain's expressions changes out from the situation, and from who he is with.

When he is with his family, he becomes more calm than he can ever be anywhere else. Forest makes his heart flutter every time he sees her, and he is more than gentle in some moments while he is with her. He wants to make her happy more than anything, and if she gets unhappy, he will feel like his mind fades, and his heart will then wither, and become hard as stone. He will do anything to make her happy again. The same goes for his pups. Though, he may not have as intense feelings for them as he has for his mate. He still loves them with his whole heart, and will do anything to keep them satisfied if he is able to. One could call it spoiling... But oh... What can you do? It's a father's job to spoil his kids!

When it comes to strangers, Rain isn't very easy-going. He won't hesitate to test them mentally if he is the first to meet them in the area. If someone else has deemed them as trustworthy, he will trust that decision, but he will still be careful with that specific individual. He is calm, and collected around them, and he never forgets names.
Rain will always remember what other's names are.
Some may consider him as wise, but he really doesn't know much more than any other wolf. Most of his knowledge comes from experience. And he is always willing to share it with anyone having doubts on a matter he is quite sure of.

When i comes to Rain's element, he lived in the Clockwork Towers. (Sound familiar? Anyone? xp) A place where Time wolves went to strengthen their element. They got to learn of things that very few others got to know. This way Rain knows mostly all there is about his element. The power he possesses might be way more powerful than the average time wolf. But this is not actually lethal, and he cannot actually do any harm with it.
He respects this element greatly, and he knows exactly what it can do in the natural flow. He knows how it works, and he feels it flowing through him all the time.
He has tried to show this to the only other time wolves he has had the chance to teach. And that is his own pups. He might not have succeeded the way he wanted. But they still turned out as great wolves with powers they could use in their future.

Rain is not the arrogant type. He can be proud of things that he has done, and achieved. But he won't go bragging about it to anyone. He believes that everyone is special, and that everyone has kindness dwelling inside them. He still does not trust wolves that he has never met before. He will try to seek out their kindness, and keep it within their conversation until they finish talking.

The brute is only aggressive when he feels intimidated himself. He will protect everyone in his pack with his life, until his last breath if he gets the chance. So he is somewhat an honorable wolf. Get on his bad side, and you will have to struggle for a while to get back on the good side.

Wolf Likes:
Just like ever, Rain likes silence, calmness, and the shade of a tree or anything like that.
He enjoys being around his friends. So taking him out hunting is an easy way of making a grumpy Rain, a happy Rain. Give him a fish, and he will be your friend for life.

Wolf Dislikes:
He doesn't like getting his eyes filled with bright lights, and when things get loud. He despises death more than anything, even though he knows the costs of life, and how time works perfectly well.

Wolf Strengths:
Rain is a quick fellow. His element is however his biggest strength, giving him the option to speed himself up, or slow target down. This makes him good at hunting, and fighting. His skills to look slightly into the future, will help him determine how a foe will attack, and in case another wolf has the same power, he knows how to always to something... Unpredictable.

Wolf Weaknesses:
Rain trusts some wolves a bit too easily. And he can easily be convinced in a way some wolves would deem unwise. He knows this, but he can't easily turn it around.

Wolf Habits:
Sometimes, he hides away from everyone to cool down, and let his head relax.
When he eats fish he does it in a very aggressive way. His fish, is HIS fish...

Wolf Talents:
He is a well-trained hunter, and very skilled with his element.

Father: Unknown (Deceased)
Mother: Unknown (Deceased)
(They are a very sore subject for him)

Kih, Mist and Dovah.

Mist, Breeze, Pine, Asgata, Story, Fall, Skoll, and Hati.

Best Bud:
Probably his Fishbud March, and Forest

He likes to call all the wolves in the pack his friend. Unless they straight up hold a grudge against him, or give him a really good reason to not like them.




Avvie/Thunder's Lineart : )


Ever heard of being so lazy, you just set it up as WIP, but you doubt you'll ever make it? That's what I'm doing right now xD

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Re: || Rain || Elder || Time || ♂ ||

Post by Thunder-Paws on July 11th 2018, 7:54 pm


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Re: || Rain || Elder || Time || ♂ ||

Post by Rain on July 11th 2018, 7:57 pm

You think I'm changing it? Think again. This is an ancient relic

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Re: || Rain || Elder || Time || ♂ ||

Post by Robin on July 12th 2018, 12:03 am

Aside from the COMIC SANS, this isn't that bad of a bio. Better than my early ones.

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Re: || Rain || Elder || Time || ♂ ||

Post by Rain on July 12th 2018, 6:05 am

I don't think I can take credit for it anymore, as it's so old it doesn't even represent my capacity for English anymore. (I think my English is worse now lol)

It's staying as it is for memories. Unless you guys spot something completely off. Idk

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Re: || Rain || Elder || Time || ♂ ||

Post by Sponsored content

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