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|| Skylor || Apprentice || Wind || ♂ ||

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|| Skylor || Apprentice || Wind || ♂ ||

Post by Forest on July 15th 2018, 3:32 am

Name: Skylor
Nicknames: Sky
Age: 6 months
Gender: Male
Rank: Apprentice
Wanted Rank Sentinel
Element: Wind/Air

Coat Length: Four inches, with longer tufts on his head, cheeks, and front paws and elbows. His fur is slightly longer on his neck and tail than the rest of his body as well.
Pelt Colour: A light gray, almost silvery color.
Eye Colour: Pale yellow.
Markings and Designs: All of his markings are pure white in color. He has two small stripes on each side of his muzzle, and two more stripes extending from his eyes to his cheeks. A solid white circle appears around his left eye. One his forehead is a white diamond.His left ear is completely white, while his right ear is speckled with white. The back of his neck has small white specks on the tufts of his fur. His left front paw is completely white up to his elbow, and his right front paw is white up to his ankle(?) with a stripe of gray across his toes. The back edge of his left back leg is white, from his toes all the way up his leg. His right back paw is white, with speckles that fade into gray, and then a stripe of white across his upper leg. His chest and stomach are white, which turns to speckles as it fades into the gray of the rest of his fur. The tip of his tail is white, with a series of dots leading down the base of his tail to the tip.
Scars and Scratches: None.
Wolf Build: Like most wind elementals, Tristane’s build is slender and lithe. He has very little muscle mass, and is lightweight. His paws are small as well.

Personality: Yo, this boy likes to do whatever he likes to do, and acts like he doesn’t worry about anything else while he’s doing it. He is very much a free spirit, not really seeming to care what others think of him too much, he simply does what he does, and has fun doing it. Often times he will have plenty of ideas and inspiration trapped inside his head, but not necessarily the motivation to actually follow through with those ideas. He can’t stay focused on one thing or topic for too long, and often switches between tasks, preferring to do whichever one is most interesting at the moment. He can have a competitive streak at times, but most often doesn’t care when he wins or loses, instead choosing to focus simply on having fun. He makes friends extremely easily, and is open when talking to wolves for the first time. To some, he can come off as overly talkative and extroverted. Though he does enjoy being in groups, he will need to be alone from time to time, though not as often as introverted wolves would require. Unfortunately, he can be sensitive to criticism at times, though he will do everything in his power to hide the fact that the words may have hurt him.
Wolf Likes: Fun, having a good time, being/talking with friends
Wolf Dislikes: Too many rules, being told exactly what to do, wolves saying he can’t do/be what he wants,
Wolf Strengths: His slim body allows him to be quick and agile.
Wolf Weaknesses: His small size is also a weakness, as many wolves could easily overpower him.
Wolf Habits: Sort of dancing/bouncing when he's idle, humming random tunes.
Wolf Talents:

Best Bud:


Please be gentle I am working on this

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Re: || Skylor || Apprentice || Wind || ♂ ||

Post by Thunder-Paws on July 16th 2018, 9:46 pm

What a cUTIE

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Re: || Skylor || Apprentice || Wind || ♂ ||

Post by March on July 16th 2018, 11:05 pm

Hmmm another young wolf to prey on

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Re: || Skylor || Apprentice || Wind || ♂ ||

Post by Robin on July 17th 2018, 3:51 pm


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Re: || Skylor || Apprentice || Wind || ♂ ||

Post by Sponsored content

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