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RP & Character Guidlines

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RP & Character Guidlines

Post by Robin on October 19th 2016, 5:42 am

These are rules and guidelines specific to posting and character creation, two integral parts of... well... You're on a roleplay website. They're basically the parts of the site.

Anyways. These will help keep quality of the posts and characters at a high level, and ensure everyone can read and understand what you're trying to convey. While we won't ask for it specifically in the rules, proper grammar and sentence usage is implied within any roleplay post or character biography. It simply makes the posts easier to understand. If you need help with grammar or spelling, my skype is otterbirdy, and according to several people, I memorise English textbooks in my free time. Whoever is Admin at the time would also likely be a good person to take any questions to.

RP Posts

Post Size
Posts should be 100 or more words per post, not including any titles or quotes on how to read or interpret colours in writing. Adding gibberish doesn't count as

Post Format
Please use paragraphs and the like if you need to. You don't have to indent, but double enter after you're done with a paragraph and start your next paragraph. It makes reading it much simpler. Also, all posts are in third person.

Other Wolves
- If you're playing more than one wolf and intend to put them both in the same post, please put some sort of identifier between the two different wolves so we know you've switched viewpoints.
- If you're interacting with another person's character, don't play out the actions or reactions of their character. For example, if you're a healer wolf and you find another person's pup with a broken leg and ask if you can look at it, don't roleplay the pup's response to your questions or actions. It's not your character.

Be Realistic
If your wolf is a pup, don't say they went out hunting and caught a deer basically. Know what your would should and shouldn't be able to do at its age, ability, and stage in development and roleplay within those limits. A fire wolf won't beat a water wolf in a rain storm. A wind wolf won't beat and earth wolf in the middle of a forest. Take into account what's going on around you and your character itself before you post.


Fantasy Features

Special Features/Accessories

Make it Balanced
God-moding or making a character "over-powered(OP)" means making it stupidly strong with crazy powers, to the point it can't be realistically beaten. This isn't fun for others to rp with, as it becomes frustrating rather quickly, when in battle especially. Please, keep in mind that for every positive thing there's a negative waiting on the flip side when creating a character. It will help to find things such as weaknesses and flaws that can be used to make a well-rounded wolf.

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Re: RP & Character Guidlines

Post by ANGERY on July 30th 2017, 1:52 am

Damn look at this d00d acting all professional when in real life he squeezed my thigh at a public restaurant

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