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RP & Character Guidlines

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RP & Character Guidlines

Post by Robin on October 19th 2016, 5:42 am

RP Posts

Post Size
Each post must contain at least 50 words, with 100 or more being optimal. This is not including any titles, quotes, or text color guides you may place above or below your post.

Post Format
You may format your text in any way you wish, as long as it is easy to read and understand. Separate long posts into paragraphs. If you post as two or more characters, please put some sort of identifier between the two different wolves so we know you've switched viewpoints.

Other Characters
When interacting with anyone in rp, do not take control of their character's responses or actions. It is not your character.

Be Realistic
Know what your character should and should not be able to do, and please take into account what's going on around your character before you post. Also be aware of basic wolf behavior, anatomy/physiology, and life stages.


Color and Markings
There are no limitations on colors or markings. We encourage you to get creative.

Some Limitations On
Some mutations or growths may be permitted, and examples may be seen in characters such as March (lightning bolt-shaped tail), Serena (aquatic tail), and Miyuki (long bangs). Physical characteristics not typical in the average wolf will have to be run by an admin for approval before beginning rp (this also includes abnormal wolf size or weight). Wings (vestigial wings OK) and horns will not be accepted.

Armor, necklaces, bracelets, trinkets, body paint, piercings, etc. are all okay. Blatant human clothing is not permitted.

Make it Balanced
Godmodding and Mary Sues are NOT tolerated and will be promptly taken out of rp if we suspect a character displaying these traits.

Species and Languages
As our Roleplay does not take place on Earth, our wolves are not known as any real world species such as: Grey wolf, Eurasian wolf, Ethiopian wolf, Italian Wolf, Etc... They are simply referred to as Elemental Wolf, Name of Element Wolf, or Canis Lupis Elementum. The physical characteristics of our wolves, however― can be viewed as having the physical characteristics of the real world's Grey wolf subspecies.
In addition, all elemental wolves speak the same language. Further information regarding this can be found in the "About" thread.

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