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Post by Forest on July 15th 2018, 5:35 am

Hey guys, it's ya boi

Name: Brennan
Age: 19 aka old (sound wack saying 19 cause my birthday was 3 days ago when I typed this lmao)
Gender: Trans guy, which means I'm biologically female, but choose to use masculine pronouns/identify as ftm
Sexuality: Asexual (also aromantic which means I ain't want ya ass or ya heart lmao cya nerd)
Zodiac Sign: Leo (moon sign or whatever is Aries)
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit

Okay, wtf do I look like?

Hair: I keep my hair short, and it's brown lmao
Eyes: Y'all, they're actually green on the outside and brown around my pupil.
Height: 5'2" or 157(ish)cm
Weight: 110lbs or 50kg, ya boi in here looking like a noodle.
Extra: Uhhhhh I have my earlobes pierced which I usually have black fake gauges in and I have a silver stud piercing in the cartilage on my left ear, also pale af and freckles everywhere
Style: I almost always wear a graphic tee, usually black with the occasional color, and shorts during the summer and either distressed jeans or joggers any other time. I'm proud of my socks cause they got food and Rick and Morty on them. I LIKE VANS
Nationality: In case you couldn't tell by the "pale af" I'm Caucasian lmao. American af, with Irish, English, Polish, German, and Austrian heritage or whatever

Why am I a huge nerd?

Because I am also it's 4:33am when I'm doing this so I should sleep lmao I just saw this and decided to do however much I wanted and then sleep so okay bye I'll finish this later


So, uh, idk how to describe me really? My friend described me as a f*cked-up virgin once, so there's that. I'm either 0 or 100 my dude, there is no in between; basically tired af or hype af at any given time, and I can go from 0 to 100 real fast. Usually chill? As in I don't really get pissed about stuff, compared to some of my other friends at least. I feel like I talk like a memelord or something idk

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Team: Meme

Favorite Music: (Apparently you can tell stuff about people based on what music they like idk, I like a lot of music) IMAGINE DRAGONS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OF ALL TIME THOUGH

sorry for posting so many but not really cause it's my bio thing and I can do what I want also I guess my music taste is a lot of alternative lmao

Favorite Hobbies:
-Video games my guy
-Writing short stories that kinda go together into one story about my literal Skyrim characters because I always make up backstories for my characters in any game I play and my friend really liked my characters and wanted to know more about them so that's why it started lmao
-Listening to music and doing dumbass dances to it
-Eating I guess
-Yo I do spins and jumps on literal ice

Favorite Video Games:
-Gotta mention A Link to the Past first because it was my first Zelda game and I played it all the time when I was like 6 or 7 so it's special
-Skyrim (obviously since I devoted 565 hours of my life to it)
-Zelda: Ocarina of Time
-Final Fantasy 15 (even tho I never actually finished it??? bro squad is lit tho)

Favorite Shows:
-The Walking Dead (not anymore tho since my favorite bro died)
-Rick and Morty
-Soul Eater
-One Punch Man
-My Hero Academia
-Voltron (only watched some tho but quality memes my guy)

Favorite Movies:
-The Lion King (childhood man)
-How to Train Your Dragon

Other Stuff

Pets: I have a black and white doggo named Shadow and she is noice, a Doberman mix puppo named Toad, I also have a snow corn snake named Finn and she is very tender, and a pastel ball python named August and he is very mild. Got that betta fish who I named Juan Cena? I am confusion lmao

School: I'm going to uni to get my Bachelor's degree with my major in psychology and a minor in human development lmao it's very painful

I wrote this in blue instead of my usual green because I like blue better lmao green is for bitches

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Post by Robin on July 15th 2018, 10:30 pm

I should probably redo my own bio...

I have redone my bio

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Post by March on August 11th 2018, 6:17 pm

I find it hilarious that your minor is human development

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