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|| Jay's Wing || Warrior Apprentice || Electric || ♂ ||

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|| Jay's Wing || Warrior Apprentice || Electric || ♂ ||

Post by Robin on June 29th 2018, 10:59 am

Is it ME you're looking for, Guest?~


Full Name: Jay's Wing

Preferred Name: Jay

Nicknames:  Jaybird, Little Wing

Previous Rank: Pup

Current Rank: Apprentice Warrior

Desired Rank: Lead Warrior


Breed: Elemental Wolf

Age: 6.5 months

Sex: Male


Element: Lightning

Birth Date: July 29th

Birth Pack: Broken Stones Tribe

Current Pack: Kyklos Prostasia Pack

Origins: Far to the North-East, in a very mountainous region

Sexuality: Bi-sexual


Base Colour: Soot Gray

Lowlights: Charcoal Gray

Highlights: Dovetail Gray

Texture: Jay has smooth, silky hair that is a bit short. Minus the yellow ruff around his neck, most of his fur lays flat and smooth on his body

Thickness: ¾ inch


Eye Colour: Golden Yellow

Build: Lithe and Sleek

Scars, Scratches: Jay's Wing is in good health

Markings: First and foremost, the ruff of Jay's neck all around in an electric yellow. It is constantly spiked up due to the electric current running through it, and looks quite intimidating, even though it's quite soft. His ears are a light dovetail gray, which differs from his base body colour. Jay is also covered in a variety of tringular markings, forming various patterns along his body. There is a square on his forehead, and on the bridge of his nose. Three individual rectangles extend in a sideway Y-shape from beneath his eyes, and a similar pattern is repeated over the top of his tail. There are rectangles pointing downwards on all of his outside ankles, as well as a rectangular stripe going down the center of his back. On his shoulders are diagonal rectangles(\), with smaller rectangles sticking stright horizontally out from the top of them. On the side of his ribs and extending to his flank is a slightly curved horizontal rectangle, with a forward tilted small rectangle roughly in the center of it. On each of his hips is a design similar to those on his shoulders, but perpendicular to one another instead of angled to one another. Finally, on his thigh is another design similar to his shoulders, but with the smaller rectangle at the bottom of the diagonal rather than the top.



Personality: Jay's Wing is an incredibly exuberant and jovial wolf. He immediately attempts to befriend anyone or anything that shows up, and will follow them around until they accept being his friend. He's usually loud, hyperactive, and a bit blunt. His inexperience with the world has led to him spouting things out whenever he pleases, without a thought to what he's saying. This can lead him into trouble though, for more than one reason. Jay's Wing also loves physical contact, to the point he'll jump up onto his best friends in an attempt to be closer to them. Unless the other wolf is an electric wolf as well though, this can end... badly. The electricity running through his ruff he has yet to be able to control, so any contact with it can send shocks through a wolf's body. Though he means no harm, Jay's hyperactivity and enthusiasm can lead to problems for those around him, and himself.

Jay is also a bit mischievous. Playing pranks is one of his favourite past times, but it's not always an appreciated one. Being as young as he is, the distinction between what's funny, and what's hurtful, is a bit blurry. Jay lacks the worldly experience and social skills most pups learn from their parents at a young age, and this can lead to him making judgements and decisions based solely upon what option sounds "the most fun" or "the least boring". This has led to him having a bit of an impulse problem, as the "least boring" option is often the one that is the most reckless, stupid, ill-thought out, and "heroic".

Though he can be annoying, brash, and intrusive, he's a deeply sensitive wolf who only wants to make those around him smile and laugh. If he sees a packmate that looks like they're having a bad day, his first instinct is to rush over and try to cheer them up. Jay is incredibly perceptive to the mood of those around him. If everyone around him is sad, he's sad. If everyone around him is angry, he's angry. Due to this mentality, he's also fiercely loyal to those he considers friends and family. His usually exuberant nature can turn into a stubborn rage given the right motivation, such as injury to someone he cares for. This rage can lead him to taking on incredibly stupid tasks, such as fighting a bear to save a pup. This sort of stubbornness is prevalent in many things he feels deeply passionate about.

No wolf can be happy all the time though, and Jay's Wing is no exception. He struggles with feeling lonely and excluded inside, and these insecurities often project outwards into a clingy and touchy nature. Any time he feels left out, abandoned, or otherwise alone, his mood sinks quickly into an angry sulking. He gets snappy, harsh, and overall moody. This mood will continue until he's either  invited to something, or until he feels asleep. When he's in such a mood, even close friends can fall victim to his sharp tongue and acerbic comments.

Ultimately though, Jay's heart is in the right place. He's a truly gentle wolf, who doesn't enjoy causing others harm. He wants to become a warrior to protect those who are precious to him, no matter what the cost.


In A Wolf: Energetic, Spontaneous, Easy-going,

Location(s): Meadows of Yuzuki

Food: Elk

Noun(s): Wildflowers, Meadows, Tall Hills

Action(s):  Running, Sparring, Sleeping

Colour(s): Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Blue


In A Wolf: Grumpy, Slow, Snappy, Judgemental, Exclusionary

Location(s): Volcano de Fell

Food: Ground Squirrels, Squirrels, Chipmunks

Noun(s): Waterfalls, Caves, Pine Tree Sap

Action(s): Flirting, Supervising, Pupsitting, Waiting

Colour(s): Purple, Brown


Mental: Very little affects Jay's train of thought. He's usually quite focused on whatever bigger goal he has.

Physical: Jay is lean and sleek, allowing his to easily dodge larger blows.

Emotional: Jay is incredibly emotionally resilient. He can bounce back from a bad mood or a traumatic event with as little as a 20 minute nap.


Mental: Jay can be like a wolf with a bone when he wants to be. He won't let go, no matter what.

Physical: Jay's body isn't meant to take big, heavy hits. He can get thrown around rather easily.

Emotional: Jay is perceptive to the moods of people around him, and those moods can change with a stomp of a paw.


Mother: Lily's Petal

Father: Thunder's Stripe

Sister(s): Sun's Pool, Leaf's Tail

Brother(s): Bramble's Thorn

Cousin(s): Wind's Tail, White's Face, Moss's Claw, Sand's Pelt

Pup(s): None


Friends: Literally the Entire Pack

Best Friends: Thunder-Paws, Jayfeather, March

Wanted Friends: Everything.

Neutral: Plants and Fish

Frenemies: Thunder-Paws

Rivals: Kimiko, Blue Lightning


Crush: No one currently

Mate: No one currently


Thunder-Paws: Jay's Wing has a very special relationship with Thunder. As the wolf he first met upon entering the pack, Jay sees him as both a very good friend and a rival for his wanted position in the pack. Jay looks up to Thunder immensely, and tries to emulate how he acts in order to be more like him. Thunder is his go-to wolf when he's having troubles or if he has some good news. In many ways, Thunder-Paws is like a surrogate father figure to Jay's Wing. Albeit one Jay loves to annoy to death.

March: Jay considers March the coolest wolf in camp. Though she often doesn't enjoy Jay's  exuberant nature and hyperactivity, he often hangs around her in an attempt to glean wisdom from the strongest electric wolf he knows. He's slightly scared of March though, just as many others are. March has sent him away with one of her infamous glares before.

Jayfeather: Jay's Wing has a very special relationship with Jayfeather. As the Alpha of the pack, Jayfeather was one of the first wolves he met. He feels an innate kinship with Jayfeather, and considers him a close friend, and not unlike a grandfather or the like. He tries to look out for the wise old wolf, though he knows Jayfeather can be quite wily in his own way.

Broken Stones Tribe: Jay's time with the Broken Stones Tribe was rather short lived. As the runt of his litter, he was pushed out an early age to promote only the strongest bloodlines in his tribe. He very barely knew his mother or father, nor his siblings. Once he was able to eat solid meat and walk on his own, he was pushed out of the den and left to find his own way through the world. It was sheer luck he managed to survive long enough to find the Kyklos Prostasia pack.

Kyklos Prostasia Pack: Jay's Wing arrived at the Kyklos Prostasia pack when he was around roughly 4.5 months old. Though it hasn't been long, he already feels at home with his new pack, and has come to enjoy his new life.

Ability: Jay's Ability is Conductor. When in contact with a source of energy similar to his own, AKA another lightning wolf, he can dart in front of an electric attack and direct the lightning through his body and into the area surrounding him. This takes considerable energy though, and he can only about halve the electric output. The electricity also can shock anyone who is close enough to him.

Morals: Jay has a generally good heart, though it can be misguided at times.

Luck: Jay's Wing is decently lucky. He's not very lucky when it comes to other wolves, but he can usually find food rather easily.

Habits: Jay's Wing has an odd habit of stomping his right back femur. Sometimes he feels as if it goes numb and isn’t there, which can freak him out. He also kneads at the ground with his paws when he's nervous.

Talents: Jay can eat a whole pinecone

Saying(s): ”C’mon! Let’s go already!”
“Wanna see something cool?”


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Wolf: Jay's Wing; Jayfeather

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