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|| Blue-Lightning || 3y || Rival Leader || Electricity || ♂ || Empty || Blue-Lightning || 3y || Rival Leader || Electricity || ♂ ||

Post by Thunder-Paws on June 29th 2018, 1:17 am

ʜ ʜʀ

Name | Blue-Lightning

Nicknames | Blue; Lightning; Light

Age | ~ 3 Years

Sex | Male

Rank | Blue has no official title. He is someone who influences; A Leader, of sorts...

Element | Lightning

Species | Mixed Elemental Wolf

ʜ ʙʏ

Coat Length | Blue has a rough, short coat with many jutting edges.

Coat Colour | Raven

Eye Colour | Cobalt and Electric Blue

Markings and Designs | Blue's primary distinction consists of a large, blue lightning-bolt-shaped external core running down his neck, back, and tail. Blue also has angled, linear energy line markings on his shoulders. Like his eyes, these marks will glow an electric blue when he is using his elemental abilities.

Scars and Scratches | Contrary to his style of life, Blue has no major scars or scratches visible on his body. He will typically have some kind of skin irritation going on, however, due to the frequent allergies and reactions he develops.

Wolf Build | Blue was not the runt of his litter, but his present form often denotes that he was. He is a small and lanky wolf with a scraggy/unkempt appearance. This is not due to negligence. His sensitive body has just never worked in his favor.

Accessories | Blue adorns the side of his head with a downward facing bright blue and red feather, which is woven alongside several brown beads. Occasionally, he is seen wearing a torn gray cloak, which he uses to conceal his identity.

ʜ ɪɴ

Personality | On the surface, Blue appears to be reticent and dissociated from the world around him. Fiercely independent, he does not engage in small-talk, build bonds, or allow anyone to intrude upon his musings easily. In contradiction, he is neither a lone wolf, preferring to stay in the presence of others. It is easy to overlook him in a crowd, which is exactly what he wants others to do. Blue is always one step ahead of them, predicting what is to come and how to react.

Delving deeper, Blue is perceptive and efficient in phraseology, which he uses to don masks best suited to the situation, as well as to lure others into his prevarications. It should be noted that Blue's words are never false (he is actually quite honest). Rather, he is misleading in tone and expression. In the beginning, he developed these skills in order to survive the harsh reality he was thrust into. They are now used to implant his ideals onto others and advance his plans.

His goal, simply put, is the culling of purist idealizing wolves, and all purebloods and pureblood sympathizers equally. He is an extremist, fueled by his animosity towards the Elemental Kingdoms, which have wronged him in the past. He will go to any length to achieve this, sacrificing many on his path of reprisal. With this force of will, Blue has become an infamous revolutionary leader. He is able to gain the support of others often without need for fallacy, in part due to the unwavering conviction of his "righteousness." His well thought out strategies alongside progressive action also helps prove his dependability. Because those who come across Blue are either broken or desiring retribution themselves, it is simple to overlook the morality of his methods.

Outside of his martyr persona, Blue is mistrustful of others and grows uncomfortable when they get close. He is curt and professional even to those he knows best, out of fear that words can someday be used against him. But there is an importance to having allies, and he knows how to get on a wolf's good side. There is always something wolves want out of another. Without the assistance of others, Blue would not be around today.

On the deeper level, Blue is fearful by nature, and obsessive in his pursuit of societal change. While his mind is sharp, there is nothing healthy about the way he perceives life. He is very emotional, though no one would ever think it from how cold and calculated he acts. Blue shows more of his base nature when he unintentionally gets closer to others, sharing empathy with them and letting out secrets of his past. There is a part of him that wants to rely and be cared for by others. Blue vehemently despises this weak version of himself and wears his mask of callousness to pretend it doesn't exist. He struggles with the events of his past, using memories to solidify his pain into something he can use to strengthen his resolve.

Wolf Likes | Blue has never quite had the luxury of taking up a hobby or taking it easy. They were wastes of time, and time is too valuable for him to be wasted. There is no knowing how much of it he has left.

His enjoyment stems from small and simple things. Nice weather, a gentle breeze, the trickling of a stream... a purist toiling in anguish... the realization everything is going to keikaku (note: keikaku means plan)... He is also surprisingly open to discussing different topics on a philosophical level, such as the meaning of life or what comes after death.

Wolf Dislikes | Everything and anything regarding the Elemental Kingdoms.

There is also a strong feeling of disdain towards those who are weak-willed and prone to influence. He values individuality and thinking for oneself, questioning what is normal, so he grows quite annoyed by the passive, totallyobliviousandaccepting fools that sadly consist of so many. He was once known for possessing these traits, used because of it, and if it weren't for that, his present would be very different.

Blue has a clear aversion to the color red. He often grows sick at the sight of blood, though has a habit of staring. He is noticeably more depressed when the Fall season comes around, when the leaves change color and fall to the ground.

Wolf Strengths | Blue's main advantage over others is his unassuming nature. He does not stand out, and others often underestimate what he is capable of.

His mind is excellent at processing the finer details of things, especially regarding the habits and actions of other wolves. Due to how perceptive he is, Blue can learn a lot about a wolf in very little time by doing the bare minimum. He is attuned into sensing falsehood and knows who is and who is not to be trusted.

He is able to use masks efficiently, adapting to different situations.

Blue is convincing and a master of speaking. He can charm others.

He is unyielding in his ideals. He is not easily swayed by others.

Advanced critical thinking allows him to create strategic approaches.

Wolf Weaknesses | Blue is physically weak. He is chronically ill and can not use his element in the traditional manner.

He is rarely ever alone due to how much he relies on others for safety.

His aversion to the color red can be used to impede focusing and even make him severely nauseous for a short time.

He can be overwhelmed by numbers.

Wolf Habits | Blue has a habit of fixating on certain objects, quietly observing or even gently "exploring" them. This happens frequently with carcasses of prey animals. Instead of eating, he may instead pick the body apart and examine its internal workings as if it holds some kind of secret.

Special Ability | Blue has an ability unique to him known as: Rewire and Dissociation.

It is the ability to disrupt and redirect electrical signals in the brain, essentially reconfiguring the way one thinks. If that sounds OP. Good. It is.

As I will go on to explain later in the History section, Blue can not use elemental powers. At least, not in the normal manner. He can not summon bolts of lightning or charge up attacks or do anything of the sort an average lightning wolf can. He is not strong enough to do so, and attempting to create such a production of electricity would cause him to collapse or even loose his life.

He can, however, focus on the otherwise unreadable aspects of his element, too minuscule or delicate for the average wolf of his class to use, and manipulate it. The tiny electrical impulses of the heart, for instance... or the nerves firing in the mind. Blue is capable of killing a wolf simply by standing near them. It was only recently he discovered this ability...

It is not just the sickness he was born into that makes this power possible, but his blood. His father, Ango, who will be mentioned in the next section, was a pure-blood moon wolf, who are known for their mind-altering abilities. Ango was not an ordinary wolf either, as he was the last decedent of Lysias, the Moon Kyklos. As his descendant, Ango possessed a gene that laid dormant inside of him, only to be passed on to Blue where it has taken form.

There was a mixing of two very different types of magic, and instead of dying or having one overtake the other, they became merged to become exactly what the Kingdoms are now fearing most. A new power that can bring wolvenkind to war once again.

▌│█║▌║▌║ ᴛʜᴇ ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ ║▌║▌║█│▌

Parents | ? ♂ (Deceased); ? ♀ (Deceased)

Siblings | ? ♂ (Deceased); Thunder-Paws ♂ (Alive); Swift ♀ (Alive)

Pups | X

Friends | Oberon ♂; Phoebe ♀; Yukio ♂

A Closer Look:
Oberon: A very large and imposing space wolf. Despite appearances, Oberon is an apathetic character. A trusted ally, he serves as both a guardian and mentor to Blue.

Phoebe: A young, cheerful time wolf, with the smallest bit of chaos thrown in between. Her ability to commune with spirits and overall comfort surrounding death unnerves even the edgiest of exiles. She wants Blue to be happy.

Yukio: WIP

Enemies | The Elemental Kingdoms - Purists

Crush | X

Mate | X

▌│█║▌║▌║ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴇᴍᴏʀɪᴇs ║▌║▌║█│▌


▌│█║▌║▌║ ᴍɪsᴄᴇʟʟᴀɴᴇᴏᴜs ║▌║▌║█│▌

Disease | Blue was born with a type of Immune Disorder, predisposing his body to various infections, and suppressing the development of his elemental core. After he was born, it was quickly realized that he was not growing as fast as the others, and was physically weak. As he grew older, Blue was frequently ill, and even mild exertion would prove too much for him. WIP---

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